Terms & Conditions

Our Chocolate is a fine and pure chocolate. We have no preservatives or binders or artificial anything. Chocolate is best stored between 55F-68F and between 50-60% relative humidity. Above 68ºF chocolate will soften and ultimately melt. Lower temperatures than 55ºF can be tolerated but you want to avoid sudden drops in temperature - such as putting the chocolate in a refrigerator, as this can cause separation of some of the fat compounds in chocolate so that they migrate to the surface and you see a white'ish residue on the chocolate (called blooming).

Please note that Pascha is an organic product produced in small batches and there may be small variations in color from batch to batch.



Pascha products are guaranteed to reach you undamaged.   If your product is damaged please contact us.  Please note we are unable to accept product returns as these are temperature sensitive food items.

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Call us at 855-472-7242. Or email us 24/7 at  orders@paschachocolate.com.